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Questions and answers


Some information about GOST  Certification.

GOST is the valid quality certification system in Russian Federation ( known as well as GOST-R Certification). GOST is a very important document for Russian companies and for companies exporting products on FR market. GOST certificate means in Russia the same as ISO 9000 on European Union market. GOST is the approved quality system in Russia.

GOST Certification accords to the specified products. For that reason sometimes samples are required. Accredited by GOSSTANDARD ( Russian Governmental Standards Organization) laboratories are carrying out tests on provided samples. On a base of tests result certificate is being issued.

In a certificate, following information are placed:


Who is authorized to issue certificate?

Body which is entitled to issue certificate is GOSSTANDART but also other accredited Certification Organs and accredited Test Laboratories. To receive GOST-R certificate, production system and products should be analyzed by authorized auditors to check if they meet Russian norms. Company has to provide some official documents, confirming production quality. Sometimes also samples of products are required.

The Certificate Organs are under strict control of GOSSTANDART so all the documents and products are precisely tested. These Organs are situated mainly in Moscow. Each Organ has its own area for which they are entitled to issue certificate.

For example, Organs which are entitled to issue Certificate for groceries are not allowed to carry out certification for textile products_etc.

Why GOST-R certificate is necessary?

If you are going to arrange export to Russia, you have to possess GOST-R certificate. On Russian market European ISO 9000 is not a valid quality system, official standard is GOST-R which is well-known and popular among customers. Usually Certificate is necessary for customs office while crossing a border and to trade and use a product on a Russian market. That is why Russian organizations and export-companies cannot work with non-certified products. Moreover possessing Certificate for building materials is one of the most important condition for the object to be accepted by government commission. Certificate for equipment should be issued for every factory or plant and service organizations.

Is GOST-R certificate required by Russian Customs?

Yes. On 1 of October 2000 Russian Governmental Customs committee had issued an order that Certificates of Conformity are required for some of exported products and equipments. However, not all the products have to be certified. The list of the products which don't required certificate is published by Governmental Customs committee twice a year. To prove that products are not a subject to obligatory certification, special Certification Institute may issue "Exemption letter".

Is Certificate valid in other CIS countries?

Russian Certificate is valid also in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Till the middle of 80-th there was general GOSSTANDART in our country, and it was used by all the republics of ex-USSR. Now many of them continue to work with some standards from that period and Russian Certificate still has a very big value here. However, Russian GOST Certificates is not valid in Ukraine! They have own system called UkrSEPRO. All Russian and foreign manufactures, making products on the territory of CIS and Baltic countries, have to get Certificates for their products and equipment.

How to use GOST-R certificate ?

Original of certificate should be kept in a company's office. Every company should apply for fair copies (approved by Russian notary or at Russian consulate) which will be delivered to wholesalers and customers. The Certificate is being checked by Russian customs, as well in shops and wholesale stores.

What means "Certificate for Serial production for 3 years " ?

Certificate Organs, accredited by GOSSTANDART, are entitled to give Certificates for serial production for 3 years. Companies which possess that certificate are able to trade on Russian market for 3 years. Special features of that certificate:

  • Every manufacturer from every country can get that Certificate.
  • Inspectors visit is sometimes required to check production process and get samples.
  • Certificate is valid only for products mentioned in a document. Products which are not included cannot be export to Russia.
  • Quality of the products and their hygienic features have to be checked to receive Certificate
  • Certificate is valid for 3 years

What means "Certificate for Serial production for 1 year" ?

Certificate is issued for serial production and it's valid for one year. To get that Certificate following conditions have to be fulfilled:
  • Samples have to be tested to check quality of the products (If products cannot be brought to the Laboratory, technical documentation is being checked)
  • Following documents have to be delivered: company registration, brand, copy of ISO Certificate, act from local Chamber of Commerce indicating main activities of the company.

What means "Certificate for a single delivery "

That Certificate is for manufacturers who arrange a single delivery to Russia. To get such Certificate samples are not required. Certificate is issue on a base of documentation. This is the cheapest option of Certification but it can be issued only if there is an appropriate customer in Russia. In certificate exact quantity of products is mentioned. That document can not be use to sell products to other customer than the one mentioned in a certificate. To get that Certificate following information have to be delivered:

  • The list of products for Certification with International Customs Tariff codes.
  • Quantity of products for delivery.
  • Technical information about products
  • Information about importing company, including address, telephone and contact person.
  • Copy of a contract.
  • Copy of an Invoice.

What means Exemption Letter

The list of products which are not a subject to obligatory certification is published by Government Customs committee twice a year. For that products Exemption Letter has to be presented. That document proves that products don't require obligatory certificate. Sometimes in a letter contract and invoice number is mentioned as well as quantity of products

What is GOSSTROY Certificates ?

GOSSTROY Certificates are issued for building materials. GOSSTROY is a separate organization, similar to GOSSTANDART. The procedure of getting such Certificate is almost the same as for GOST Certificate. Only special Organs accredited in GOSSTROY are entitled to issue these Certificates.

Which procedure should be applied for obtaining Certificates?

Please complete our contact form: GOST contact form

Our expert will contact You as soon as possible and will provide You all the information.

Which documents should be prepared by the company before the inspection ?
The main reason, why Russian Experts come to your company is checking the production process.
Analysis of production is similar to the inspection arranging for ISO 9000 Certificate. Following documents are required:

  • General information about company (yearly production volume, entire territory of production, number of staff in each department etc.)
  • Register documents of the company
  • Approved registration document for trade mark,
  • Copy of ISO 9000 Certificate or local Certificate of quality, normative documents with standards for products,
  • Description of incoming row-materials and control procedure
  • Description of production process control
  • Description of completed production quality control
  • List of main suppliers and their Quality Certificates, Declarations,
  • Organization chart of the company (person responsible for quality should directly report to the General Director of the company).
  • The program of maintenance and repairing of the main equipment for the production. On this program should be listed: Name of the machinery, their trade mark, country of origin, frequency of maintenance period, former and future maintenance and repairing time.
  • The program of the calibration of measuring instruments and equipment. On this program should be listed: Name of the equipment, place of use, trade mark, country of origin, frequency of calibration period, former and future calibration time. Accreditation Certificates of calibration organization and related reports should be added to this program.
  • User manuals, guarantee labels, stickers, etc. should be copied and prepared.

I have no ISO 9000 nor other quality certificate, in spite of this, may I obtain GOST Certificate for my goods ?

To get GOST-R Certificate you don't have to possess ISO 9000, that is why any manufacturer can get Russian Certificate of Conformity. But if you already have ISO 9000, it will be easier for you to prepare all the information for GOST Certificate, because similar documents are necessary for analysis of production, required for inspectors.

I have no ISO 9000 or any other quality certificate, in spite of this, may I obtain GOST Certificate for my goods ?

To get GOST-R Certificate you don't have to possess ISO 9000, that is why any manufacturer can get Russian Certificate of Conformity. But if you already have ISO 9000, it will be easier for you to prepare all the information for GOST Certificate, because similar documents are necessary for analysis of production, required for inspectors.

What means Fire Certificate ?

Fire Certificate is required for some products and equipment, mostly it is issued after checking their burning level. That certificate is required for a example for: rock-wool, power cables, fire-fighting equipment, fireproof doors, home appliances etc. To get Certificate of Conformity for that products, first you have to get Fire Certificate.

What is the "Annual Inspection"? When is it executed ?

According to the Russian Federation legislation, "Annual Inspection" should be executed for all the manufacturers, having Certificates for Serial production for 3 years. For companies, which have Certificate for Serial production for 1 year or for a single delivery, inspection usually is not required.

If annual inspection is required, company-manufacturer automatically accept_ to cover (one and two years after) all the expenses for inspectors visit, sending samples and laboratory tests. All these conditions are mentioned in a separate contact, signing after Certificate is given. The Certificate of Conformity may be cancelled if the company refused to arrange annual inspection. In this case, accredited Certification Organ send letter to Government Customs Committee (GTK) and GOSSTANDART and notifies about termination of the Certificate. It means that Certificate cannot be used any more on the territory of Russian Federation and its customs.

KCCP will get Certificate for your company, and upon your request we could also help with arranging _Annual Inspection. We will remind you and Certification Organ about this inspection, we will organize the trip, tests etc KCCP is well experienced in holding such dealings.

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